Integrated Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System is based on ISO 9001:2008.
We have expanded this with the additional requirements of the Automotive sector which are integrated in our quality policy.
This concept, along with a large automation and modern technologies, provides a stable product realization.

Strategy of our Quality Policy

The control and monitoring of our goals are the basics of our strategy.
The management supports the Quality System and takes the necessary actions to ensure the appropriate quality standards are applied.

Cornerstones of the quality policy

  • quality comes first
  • process sensitive operations that result in quality defects can be verified directly by the Quality Manager
  • every operator is responsible for the quality of his own work
  • the Quality Manager has the authority to use all means to achieve the objectives
  • procedures should always be followed
  • if an operator, for whatever reason, can not follow the work instructions, the Quality Manager needs to be informed immediately

Global Quality Management

The Quality Management System provides continuous monitoring of the production process and takes into account the applied ideas of each employee.
In this way, systematic corrections are making the production process even more efficient.
Our focus on the needs and demands of our customers helps us to take the right decisions to ensure an effective quality management.