IMS circuit boards make it possible to mount high power components directly onto a thermally conductive medium without the need for traditional heatsinks. The result is a cost effective, reliable and compact solution, which is finding increasing applications in the automotive and consumer market.

The advantages of using IMS circuitry are :

  • Increased power density : components run cooler, increasing life and durability
  • SMT can replace manual assembly of traditional heatsink, clips and sil-pads
  • Choice of dielectric layers to suit your thermal or insulation level requirements
  • Circuits can be drilled, routed, scored, punched and formed
  • Increased cooling capacity allows the use of lower cost components
  • Multilayer constructions are possible

Thermally conductive tape

The increasing use of “High Power Leds” also increases the need for a proper thermal management.
Besides the use of IMS, thermally conductive tape can be an additional aid for this issue.
Several thermally conductive adhesives are available, but most of them have to be applied after assembling and soldering the board. Some are not fit for mechanical pcb processes such as drilling/routing and V-cut. Others can not withstand the heat of wave soldering and reflow processing.

Elprinta has found the one thermally conductive adhesive which withstands heat and moreover which survives the mechanical pcb processes.
From now on we can deliver your IMS boards with a cut-to-pcb self adhesive, ready to use, thermally conductive tape.

Advantages :

  • thermally conductive adhesive with excellent thermal performance
  • eliminates your need for mechanical screws or fasteners and bonds your pcb right onto the target surface
  • no need to cut and paste thermal tapes after the board assembly
  • certitude that the complete pcb surface is covered with adhesive