Elprinta plant
based at
Mouscron, Belgium


Our company finds its origin in Imprinta, a printing company of publicity headed by Joris Feys and Hubert Spriet. In 1980 the activity printed circuit boards is housed in a separate company : Elprinta.

By investing in a galvanic line, which allowed us to produce PTH pcbs, years of strong growth followed.

In 1994 Noël Kemel and Guy Reyniers acquire the company. Through an ambitious investment program, the company is further modernized and automated. A few years later this program is followed by the opening of a brand new plant and new investments in the production of multilayer printed circuit boards.

The ISO-9000 certification is achieved in this period.

In 1998 the Kemel family becomes a 100% owner of the company and further invests in automation and innovation such as a lasertrimmer to bring printed resistors to the right value.

Through the years, continuously investments in Quality Policy and measuring equipment are done in order to meet the demands of our customers. Today this makes us a very reliable partner for various industries including Automotive